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"An Amazing Show!"

Saturday 8th saw all of the hard work, tears, and tantrums pull together in what turned out to be a well polished, entertaining and at times emotional show of fashion, music, drama and dance!

Carmen Pieraccini

The show was introduced by Carmen Pieraccini who plays Kelly Marie in BBC's River City Soap.

Carmen who was delighted to be a part of the day and opened the show wishing all of our performers, volunteers,and staff luck with the show and then asked the audience to show their support us much as possible...and boy did they respond!!!

Drama Group

The Show took off with a short Drama piece from some of our members and supported by three Drama Students from West of Scotland University. Their short piece was based around the life of Rosemary - The member from Neighbourhood Networks who died in 2011 and who the whole show was dedicated to.

Liz Henderson & MC Jim McElroyLiz Henderson one of our members who knew Rosemary well, gave a short introduction to Rosemary's life and how the show had been suggested by the members in her Network. She explained how Rosemary loved to spend time at Glasgow Airport watching planes leave and imagine all the wonderful places that they may go to. Liz herself practiced her bit day in, day out before the show and although was particularly nervous on the day, did an amazing job and was crystal clear in her delivery!!

Jack TaylorAngel dancers

Jim McElroy our MC. for the day then introduced our first act which was an almost dream- like sequence where Jack our young pilot, flew his hand made plane and took us on our journey, as he flew down the catwalk followed by his cabin crew and luggage, Angelic dancers gave a contemporary interpretation surrounded by puffs of cloudy smoke.

John & Jackiewillow dress

As the angels left the catwalk, the stage was then filled with amazing dresses made from willow branches which were escorted down the catwalk and launched the start of many journeys to different places, just as Rosemary would have imagined!Jim then introduced act after act each with their own theme which ranged from'Trash to treasure', 'Pop stars to Superstars', Eco Warriors', Glam Rock' to our very own 'Mix it up Group'.

Frank money bag suit

crisp packet dress & carton lid waistcoat

As each act strutted their stuff, the audience was both intrigued and entertained by the costume designs, confidence, and personality of every individual in the show. Each of the acts had choreographed their own section of the show, measured the catwalk and rehearsed every step they made!

West Dumbarton





North Lanarkshire 2

Between costumes made from clear money bags, crisp bags, willow branches, old pieces of tartan, and some hand painted designer Tshirts, the catwalk was filled with both colour and imagination!

North Lanarkshire 2

As well as the fun and excitement of the event, as an Organisation we cannot under estimate the benefits to all our members who were involved in the show. Watching the development of confidence and improved self esteem in all of those members who participated in rehearsals; drama workshops; art groups; sewing classes; and then in their performance, has been so rewarding and uplifting for us all!

Malcolm & Dorothy

North Lanarkshire 2

mix it up group

The finale of the show was launched by our Pilot Jack bringing us all down to land followed by the whole cast who danced on to the stage and catwalk to the sound of "you're a Superstar". The performance area while filling up with performers, was dramatically filled with billowing smoke and exploding confetti canons, bringing the show to an electrifying end!


Alan, Grant, & Sharon


North Lanarkshire 2

More photos available on Neighbourhood Networks Facebook page

click here

Congratulations to all our members, our staff, and the army of volunteers on such an amazing, worthwhile, and enjoyable show!




Angels & Aeroplanes Update:

Update June 2013



3rd JUNE 2013

dress rehearsal

River City Star Presents Charity Fashion Show at the Briggait

River City star, Carmen Pieraccini who plays Kelly Marie on the longstanding Glaswegian soap will present the Angels and Aeroplanes Fashion Show at the Briggait this weekend. On the 8th June from 1-4pm the charity Neighbourhood Networks, will transform the Briggait in Glasgow’s Merchant City, to bring an Angels and Aeroplanes themed memorial fashion show to the city centre. Over the last year, members and staff from Neighbourhood Networks have been working alongside professional artists and collaborating with community organisations to create a fashion show to like no other. Carmen Pieraccini will officially open and close this spectacular show which will see the Briggait transformed with waves of white fabric, delicate handmade paper aeroplanes and a pilot to boot. The venue will host two hundred people to share memories of a much loved and warmly remembered Rosemary Boyle, who died in December 2011.

dress rehearsal

Led by members of staff and clients of Neighbourhood Networks, Angels and Aeroplanes is a themed fashion show celebrating the life of a warm and vibrant woman that was at the very heart of the organisation. Rosemary’s passing prompted members to think about how best to celebrate her life. Her glamour and love for fashion inspired the decision to hold this event, and the Angels and Aeroplanes theme was the natural choice:

“Rosemary dreamed of travelling by aeroplane to different countries across the world. She often visited Glasgow airport where she would sit and imagine the wonders of other cultures and travel. This eternal dream inspired a song she named ‘angels and aeroplanes’ (fly over my head today). Little did Rosemary realise that her dream would become the inspiration for this symbolic celebration of her life”.

dress rehearsal

After almost a year of preparation, members of the Neighbourhood Network will show their support and love for a member, neighbour, friend and companion that gave so much back to the organisation that supported her since 2008. The fashion show will pay tribute to Rosemary whilst showcasing the talents of network members through exhibiting their own fashion, music and art. David Watson, Team Manager for Neighbourhood Networks said “We want to take the audience on a journey, led by our members and other contributors who felt close to Rosemary.”

Creating New Networks

Organisations across Glasgow, West Dumbarton and North Lanarkshire have contributed to this event. Drama group Trigger has created a piece about Rosemary. Students from West of Scotland University have been mentoring members to create a drama performance that will open the show. Maria Leahy has been facilitating song-writing classes, inspiring a song about Rosemary to be performed on the day. Impact Arts will be providing costume and prop making workshops to help transform the space. Angels and Aeroplanes will be event managed and filmed by Fablevision Studios.

dress rehearsal

Neighbourhood Networks is a charity organisation committed to supporting vulnerable adults in the community. Their aim is to enable mutual support between their members in order to help them to become more self-sufficient and independent. They were established in 1999 and have since grown to work throughout Glasgow, West Dumbarton, Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire. Neighbourhood Networks is a registered charity: SC028984.

This is a free but ticketed event and those wishing to attend should call the Neighbourhood Network office in Glasgow to book, on: 0141 314 0027. Doors open at 12.30pm. Please wear something white to remember Rosemary.

Press Contact: Laura Breaden: 07850 582408 or Ian Findlay: 07428 479430.

Funders: This project is fully funded by the Big Lottery, Scotland

Event Partners/Contributors: Fablevision Studios, Impact Arts, West of Scotland University, Wasp Studios. Abi Taylor created the original artwork for the logo. Local artists that have helped design and create the pieces for the day include: Gordon Kydd, Jacque Boyce, Donny McKerry, Graham McDiarmid, Alan Bowie and Isobel Ross.

Update May 2013

Carmen Pieraccini agrees to support Angels & Aeroplanes!!

Carmen Pieraccini

Carmen who plays Kelly Marie in the very popular Scottish soap 'River City' and has previously been in other television productions such as Taggart, has agreed to come along and support our event at the Briggait.

Angels and Aeroplanes Launch at Eco Chic Boutique - Press Launch!!!

Fashion Show Poster

Join us, Neighbourhood Networks, on the 3rd May at the Eco-Chic Boutique in Glasgow City Centre to launch the official countdown to the Angels and Aeroplanes charity fashion show coming to Glasgow this June.

Who: Neighbourhood Networks presents the official launch to their much anticipated fashion show Angels and Aeroplanes that will take place at the Briggait in June.

What: This launch event will allow you a sneak peek into the inspiring designs being created by members of the charity organisation Neighbourhood Networks, with the help of local artists and some professional models to boot!

Eco-Chic is owned and managed by Impact Arts who are an official partner for the event in June by providing props and doing live up-cycling on the day, Gok Wan style. Come and be inspired by the vintage inspired wares of this charming shop, complete with professional, live models in the window and dance performance prepared for the fashion show. There will be a buffet and drinks available, free of charge.

Why: Neighbourhood Networks work with vulnerable adults, helping them to lead normal lives and integrate into society. The charity lost a valued and much loved member, Rosemary Boyle, in 2011 and members have decided to commemorate this woman by hosting a fashion show in her memory.

When and Where: 12pm- 2pm, at the Eco Chic Boutique in Glasgow, G1 1LX. On street parking available. Press contact - Ian Findlay: 07428 479430 or Laura Breaden: 07850 582408.

Update March 2013

We now have a logo For our Fashion Show event and this will be used on all publicity material from now until the event takes place.

Fashion Show Logo

We are very lucky to have a great relationship with Albi Taylor who did all of the graphics for our Organisation's 'shaping a new vision' featured on the front page of this website.

Albi spent some time looking at different images of what the theme of Angels & Aeroplanes may look like in graphics. After much deliberation and some in-house arguing between hubby Neil, Son Jack and daughter Rachel, the above logo was agreed. We very much appreciate the effort and time Albi spent on this.

Albi at work on our logo(albitaylor.com)

Well things are moving along very swiftly in the arrangements for the big event. the pressure is begining to be felt as meetings become more serious each time; with agreements and actions being more clearly defined; and time scales shorter than before!

Already we have had all of the individual performances from Molly Taylor from Triggerstuff who has been performing a one act play adapted by Molly on Rosemary. Molly has been performing these to small intimate audiences across central Scotland. Molly's performance has been very well received by all, even those who never knew Rosemary. One of Molly's performances will be filmed and this will be shown on DVD in the exhibition area at the Fashion Show.

Mollie performing as RosemaryMolly Taylor

We are also well underway in producing our large crocheted blanket. everyone involved in the Fashion Show has been asked to decorate a small crochet square hand made by Dot Gardiner one of our Govan members. People have tried to put their own persoanlity into their design. all of the squares will be put together in one large blanket and displayed at the Fashion Show in June.

just a fraction of the individual squares

All of the regions are busy making costumes, rehearsing their walks, defining dance routines, confirming thier music, and even the 'mix it up' group have started clearing the central office for rehearsals!! "can anyone find my desk???

Update January 2013

Neighbourhood Networks regions have now been given their theme for the fashion show. Each of the regions have now started to pull together their ideas and materials and some have already started putting their designs together. The themes for each region are:

Glasgow - 'Popstar to Superstar'

West Dumbarton - 'Trash to Treasure'

North Lanarkshire 1 - 'The Elements'

North Lanarkshire 2 - 'Glam Rock'

On the 18th of January the Fashion Show planning group met and agreed smaller working groups to make decisions on the 'opening number' and the 'finale' for the show, while another working group will make decisions on the design of the performance area of the Briggait (seen below)


On Sunday 3rd of Feb the Neighbourhood Networks Marketing Group met with a specific focus on the Fashion Show. This group proposed celebrities, personalities, and contacts that we had that could perhaps support the event and bring some positive publicity to both the event and the whole concept and attitude regarding people with disabilites on catwalks or in Fashion.

why not follow the latest update by clicking on our blog link below:


Update December 2012

Ryan Bounaghue

We are delighted to have Ryan Bounagui (pictured left) supporting our 'Angels & Aeroplanes' event and very much appreciate his time and skills. Ryan is a student in Journalism and will be helping us to promote our event through a Fashion Show blog which will give people the opportunity to be kept up to date with show developments and share their views and comments!!

Update November 2012

Regional fashion show meetings are taking place regulalry and each region is taking on it's own responsibilities and individual sections of the show.

Community involvement is growing all the time with this event. this includes school band, girl guides, journalist & community students, art and drama therapists, sewers and seamstresses, and lots of other offers.


0141 314 0027green phone

Look forward to hearing from you!

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