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Festival of Common Wealth 2015 Updates 

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The countdown to Saturday 13th June 2015 has already started and planning is well under-way. You can read our progress, who we have connected with, and any other Festival news below: 

July 2014 

On Thursday 24th July a group of members and staff visited Scotland Street School Museum, where we will be hosting our Festival of Common Wealth next year. to read how interesting the visit was and see some photographs click here

Scotland Street Museum Horrible Heedy Tour

July 2014

On Thursday 17th July members and staff from our North Lanarkshire 2 Region met as they do on a regular basis, but the bulk of this meeting was focused on planning for their part in the Festival of Common Wealth. As all of our regions have previously been given a number of Commonwealth countries to focus on. This region has the following countries Malawi, Malaysia, Jamaica, India, The Maldives, Lesotho, Kiribati, and Kenya. In preparation for the meeting the staff all had 2 countries each to research and bring back 6 images of each country. Members at the meeting then had to try and match the images with the relevant country. Although mistakes were made the activity turned out to be fun, interactive, and educational. 

WP 20140717 016After this activity and learning something about each of the countries it was time for some well earned snack...which were also from the associated countries. Members were able to sample some of the following foods: sweets from India; coconut milk from Jamaica; Chin Chin biscuits from Africa; Gujurati from India; hot Indian Balti mix, and Jamaican water biscuits. some of these snacks, as you can imagine, were more popular than others!

WP 20140717 036


July 2014 

Venue of Scotland Street Museum (a beautiful Charles Rennie Mackintosh building)has now been confirmed and we are in the process of making application for the street parade part of the festival. Unfortunately Glasgow City Council will not look at our application for street parade till March 2015, but this won't stop us going ahead with the planning of it. 

Scotland Street School museum

Our regions have already been given their allocated Commonwealth countries to start exploring and connecting people in their communities with.

Dates are now being arranged with Scotland Street School Museum for some of our members, staff and volunteers to go along and have the 'Horrible Heedy Tour' of the school so they can see and get a feel of the venue. Meanwhile you can try the digital tour of the museum by clicking on the link:

Digital Tour of Scotland Street Museum