What is a Network


A Network is normally made up of around 9 people. We refer to those people as Network members. Those members may have a learning disability, physical disability, mental health issue, or other support need. All of those members will live within the same community and within a reasonable distance of one and other.

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Neighbourhood Networks will then recruit a member of staff, we call this person the Community Living Worker. This person will also live in the same community as the Network. we hope that this will mean that the Community Living Worker will come with a good sound knowledge of that comunity and the resources that are available in and around it.


The purpose of the Network is to bring out the skills and strengths of the individual members in each Network and encourage those people to use those skills to help others in the Network, encouraging mutual support amongst all members.

The Network and its Community Living Worker should also be a way of members connecting with their own community, which will in turn increase their circle of friends, increase their own skills, ensure they are less isolated, and hopefully narrow the divide between people who recieve services and other people in the community.community