Board of Trustees


Neighbourhood Networks has a Board of Trustees that is made of 16 people at present. These people are all from different backgrounds and each bring their own set of skills and strengths to the Organisation.

Our Board is made up of a combination of member trustees (people who use the services of Neighbourhood Networks) and non-member trustees. Our non-member trustees have a very varied background from Information Technology, legal services, finance, and social care. All of our Board members give up their time freely to support Neighbourhood Networks and their individual skills and strengths enable the Organisation to improve, grow, and develop.

Board 2014

Our Board members as of 2014/15

Tricia Gray

Karyn Kirkpatrick

Graham Scott

Tim Barr

John Butcher

Charles Docherty

Shalani Raghavan

Ian Arthur

Andrew Rennie

Sally Humphrey

Donna Rattray

Liz Henderson

Laura O'Donnell