Charter of Rights

Neighbourhood Networks has a very strong “member involvement” ethos.  Members actively participate as Trustees on the Management Board and as Complaints Officers for the organisation.  Members and staff collaborate on Improvement Council.  In 2008, work members developed their own Charter of Rights. 

 rights graphic                  




Network Members have the right to….


  • Network Members have the right to expect support at a time and place which will be agreed with the Member.

  • To get help to find the support they need where and when they need it. This might include support from other places.

  • To know what is being written about them and to get help to understand it.

Network Members have the right to….tick

  • If a Network Member feels they are being victimised, frightened or harmed, they have the right to talk to a member of staff about this and to ask for help if they want it.

Network Members have the right to….tick

  • To be respected by staff, other Network Member and the general public

  • To have their views listened to and to have their opinions taken seriously.

  • To expect staff to respect their privacy and property at all times.

  • To complain if they are unhappy about something Neighbourhood Networks has done.

Network Members have the right to….tick

  • To decide to try out new things and not to be told what they can and cannot do.

  • To decide how they want to live and who they want to live with.

  • To expect staff to support them to make choices and to help them find and understand all of the information they need.

Neighbourhood Networks would like to thank all of their Network Members for helping to put this Charter of Rights together.