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Neighbourhood Networks Strategy for 2013-2016


strategy 2013-2016

Neighbourhood Networks is entering its second decade with a history of successful innovation and solid service delivery in many communities across Scotland’s central belt.  Our established model provides:


  • a distinct approach to offering support to disadvantaged people living in isolation at the margins of our communities;
  • a careful balance between ensuring the right amount of support at the right time and avoiding the danger of encouraging an over-reliance on services
  • a unique match with public policy initiatives which emphasise
  • the centrality and capacity of the person
  • the need for genuine partnership and coproduction between the person and the service provider; and between people using services
  • the regeneration of the community
  • the importance of prevention and early intervention
  • the need for appropriate risk taking
  • the need to maximize effective outcomes at a time of reduced public spending
  • exceptional value for money to individuals and public authorities alike. 



working with different groups


As part of its strategic review, the Board of Trustees of Neighbourhood Networks has set the following objectives for the next three years:



  • to provide the very best service we can by working to achieve good outcomes for Members and networks
  • to become a much bigger part of the communities where we work
  • to start new networks in parts of Scotland where we don’t work at the moment
  • to start new networks that include older people, people with mental health issues, and children leaving school
  • to write a fresh description of what Neighbourhood Networks is and how it works
  • to tell more people about Neighbourhood Networks and what it does
  • to increase the number and variety of ways that we get the money to do our work 


"We can all be involved in making where we live, work, & socialise, a better place!"

3926413653Over the past 6 months we have put a great deal of energy into looking at our vision for the future. We initially looked at the core values of the organisation and the work that we do! This fundamentally must be the roots of any future development and growth for Neighbourhood Networks.

5260557659In order to ensure that everyone was included in the dream and aspirations for the Organsiation we commissioned a graphic facilitator to help us record everyone's views and opinions. These graphics included what people, which included our members; our staff team; and our Board, had to say about what we do well, our values and beliefs, our skills as well as our dreams for the future.

See our Vison section for further details!