Our Vision

Building a Better Scotland -Together!    

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Neighbourhood Networks has now celebrated its 10th year and therefore has very good solid roots both in terms of the work that we have already done and in having a good solid foundations in many communities across North Lanarkshire, Glasgow, & West Dumbarton. This will be the route to fulfilling our Vision.   



We recognise that as an Organisation our Vision has to be flexible in order to move with the ever changing climate in which we live, work, and socialise in. This means that the relationships that we have with and within our communities are crucial to keeping up with those changes.




As an organisation a huge part of our Vision for the future is for Neighbourhood Networks and it's members to play a much more integral part in our communities. This doesn't just mean taking a passive interest, but instead leading, with new and innovative ways of making connections and supporting communities to use the gifts, skills, and strengths that all communities innevitabely have, Then turning these into positive outcomes for everyone!

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 As an organisation we firmly believe that the more people are connected to other people the more fulfilling their life tends to be. This forms a huge part of our Vision and something that we are clear we need to get better at. Within our Vision we aim to have our Networks much more involved and even being the catalyst for community events in their own areas.


We will post plans and events relating to our Vision once we are clearer on our structure and schedule for this... so watch this space!


If you would like to have a look at more of our Vision graphics drawn by albitaylor.com then follow the link below:


 graphics by www.albitaylor.com