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Neighbourhood Networks

Network Members walking from the platform at Stevenston train station.

Together Anything Is Possible…

Working with people in our neighbourhoods to support each other, to live independently in our own homes and to follow our dreams.

Since 2001 we have supported vulnerable adults many with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues to live an active, healthy life, safely, within their own homes and be fully involved within their local communities. Our members are active in our networks learning essential life skills, becoming more independent whilst spending more time with friends and becoming less reliant on paid support.

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A Network Member and her local Network Manager welcome each other at an event.

Rali’s Story

Rali’s Story
Rali is an 18-year-old girl whose path was not easy, but she is determined to write the rest of her life story herself. 
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Rali smiling and giving a thumbs up.

Our Members’ Stories

Ben Brown sitting on a sofa and smiling.

Ben Brown Independent Network

Ben joined the Penicuik network around 2015. Ben’s mum shares that the main reason for Ben joining the network was so that he could connect with people and be more social. She describes him as a homebird and a follower rather than a leader. She thinks that has always been the case and something that is naturally part of who Ben is, however, she believed Neighbourhood Networks could help him create connections with peers in the community. Ben was shy and anxious at the beginning of his membership, however, he has worked hard on coming out of his shell.
Two ladies sitting, lady on left is Lynne and her worker Amanda is on the right.

Lynne Crombie Confidence

Lynne has been involved with the Dumbarton network for two years. She needed help to build confidence to speak to people and meet more friends, as well as support with money management and budgeting.
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