The difference we make & who can benefit

The Difference we make

Members of Neighbourhood Networks get the flexibility and responsive support to meet their own personal care needs. Each individual is supported to establish a life in which they are safe and more independent. Members will have opportunities to experience a real sense of belonging and involvement. They will be far less isolated and lonely as they develop their confidence and self-esteem. Members will learn new skills such as independent travel, cooking, life skills, budgeting and much more including volunteering and employment skills.

Who can benefit

Neighbourhood Networks emphasise the importance of providing preventative models of support, and opportunities for mutual support, to vulnerable people who might receive little or no support and run the risk of entering significant but nonetheless avoidable crisis in their lives. It has its roots firmly in the notion of the renewal or revival of neighbourhoods and the wider community as places where people don’t just share the same streets but actively co-operate with each other for mutual advantage