Angels and Aeroplanes, our Journey by Lauren, Melissa and Jordan

NL2 came together to plan their performance for one big drama. We had a planning meeting and decided on a dance performance to music from the Rocky horror show and The greatest showman.

We met up every week to rehearse and the dance instructors from AK Dance (April and Keira) came along each week with some of their dancers to teach us a routine. It was hard work and there were lots of ups and downs with mixed emotions. We decided that we would like to dedicate our performance to our friend and network member who passed away last year Scott Connor. Scott had began planning Angels and Aeroplanes and had helped pick the music. We decided that we would wear personalised t-shirts in memory of Scott.

‘I felt lots of different feeing’s- excitement, sad, happy. At times I felt it was really hard and thought I wouldn’t be able to go through with it and learn all of the routine but we all pulled together and got there in the end’ – Mellissa Andreas

‘I found the show and rehearsals exciting and tiring, there were lots of ups and downs and it was emotional. – Jordan Blair

I felt happy that we were dedicating our performance to our friend scott – he would have been proud of us. It was an emotional rollercoaster’ – Lauren McDonald

On the day of the show we all met up to travel to the Mitchell theatre together. We travelled by bus and we were getting excited. Once we got to the venue reality hit home and everyone began to get nervous and had butterflies in their stomachs.

We were shown to our dressing room and we started to get our hair and make up done. The AK dance girls and David Sweeney the drag artist were all sharing a dressing room with us and their was a great atmosphere. The AK dance girls did our make up and everyone had a good laugh at each others make up. We enjoyed watching David Sweeney getting prepared for his performance.

We were performing in the second half of the show so had to wait until it was our turn……….this wait felt like hours so we all had a wee dance to warm up.

Finally it was our turn. The excitement and nerves were really kicking in as we were going down the stairs but we had another wait before we went on stage. At this point some of us were shaking with nerves and others were feeling sick.

And then we were on……………. The nerves and sickness disappeared and we gave the performance of our lives, we did ourselves proud.

Once off stage there were happy tears and sighs of relief, we were so happy we had pulled it off.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey from beginning to end and would love to do it again. We have been offered the opportunity to dance in AK dance show and are looking forward to this. We are also planning on going for dinner with the girls from AK Dance as a thank you for all there hard work and commitment.