A Time to Say Thanks-Volunteer Week 2022

“Volunteers Week” takes place from 1st to 7th June each year and is a celebration of all the amazing volunteers that give their time selflessly to improve our society each year and the positive impact that they make. Within the heart of every local community, volunteering takes place through the incredible work of organisations, groups … Read more

Podcast – Birthday celebration event at The Helix this Sunday

Welcome to our first Neighbourhood Networks podcast, hosted by one of our talented network members.  We hear from Claire, our Operations Manager, and chat to some members to find out more about the big Neighbourhood Networks Gathering event this Sunday at the Helix Park.  Listen in and find out more!  

World Mental Health Week – 9 – 15th May

From 9th May until the 15th May it is World Mental Health week and it is a reminder that the world is a better place when we are able to feel happy in ourselves. The theme this year is Loneliness and this is something that we will all go through at some stage in our … Read more

Learning Disabilities Week

The theme of this years Learning Disability Week is We all have Human Rights. We spend a lot of time in Neighbourhood Networks reflecting and considering people’s rights. We have a set of values in the organisation that reference important principles of equality, everyone’s voice being heard, having balance in life and being respected. These … Read more

International Dance Day

April the 29th is famous for International Dance Day and what better way to celebrate this by telling you all the amazing benefits of Dance and what Neighbourhood Networks members have been enjoying getting their dancing feet moving. Dancing is Universal and woven into all parts of society all over the world. What is International … Read more

NHS Forth Valley Covid-19 Response Grants 2021/22

Over the last year Neighbourhood Networks were lucky to be awarded a Covid-19 Response Grants from NHS Forth Valley. The grant enabled us to buy photography equipment, including three cameras, three camera bags and SD memory cards, which enabled each network to have their own camera to actively participate and enjoy photography workshops. The cameras … Read more

A poem on friendship to open our Virtual Conference

Today we launched our 3 day virtual conference “Networks as Agents of Change – Together Anything is Possible”.  As part of our celebrations our Creative Writing Group has developed this poem celebrating friendships within the network. A big thank you to Karen, Elizabeth, Allison and Josh for reading this story for all our delegates today. … Read more

International Happiness Day

The 20th of March is international happiness day and it is a reminder that the world is a better place when we are able to feel happy in ourselves. This has made me think about how important it is to have happiness in our lives. When I consider things that make me happy I think … Read more

Pancake Day, Neighbourhood Networks Style!!! 

Did you know that historians believe that a version of the pancake was being made and eaten as far as back as 30,000 years ago? Did you know that Otzi the Iceman was found to have pancakes in his stomach and that he was alive over 5,000 years ago? Did you know that the first … Read more