Celebrating World Photography Day: ‘The Power of Photography’

‘World Photography Day’ marks the annual occasion when those that share a love

for photography join each other in celebrating their passion. Furthermore, it’s an

opportunity to raise awareness of photography and its amazing ability to capture our

history and those special moments in time.


Here at Neighbourhood Networks, many of our members share this love for

photography. For some, however, this has only been the case during the past 18

months. When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, as part of a digital programme of

activities to keep members occupied, we recruited the expertise of a professional

photographer to facilitate an accessible, online interactive photography project.  This

was highly successful and members were incredibly dedicated to the project, even

for those that had never experimented with photography before. Not only did

members learn about the world of photography during the sessions, but they also

learned a lot about each other. Some of the tasks involved taking photos of things

that mattered to them, such as their pets, hobbies and nature.

Sharing these photos with fellow participants created an opportunity to chat and

discover interesting aspects about each other. Most notably, it brought a group of

people together at a time where many were isolated, lonely and anxious. These

sessions were a lifeline for many of the participants as they had formed great

friendships and connections through their interest in photography.  Govan Member,

Josh, thinks that photographing people is like having a window into someone’s soul

as it can really capture what a person is thinking. The work of the photography group

has been showcased on social media, which has been an excellent platform for

putting their pictures in the public spotlight, and not just within the limits of the group.

The photography group plans to continue and will be part of the new norm for many

of our members beyond the lifetime of the pandemic. It’s incredibly heartening to

learn of something so positive emerging from the pandemic.


Why not give it a try? You don’t need a fancy camera to take photos now, most of us

have a camera on our mobile phone. This allows you to capture life as it happens

instantaneously.  Photography allows people the ability to revisit memories in a way

otherwise not possible. It allows people the ability to keep moments in time eternally

and stay connected with our loved ones. Photos are a visual way to tell a story and

help to keeps us up-to-date with life and undoubtedly brings the world that bit closer

to each other, albeit from a distance.


By Josh Sprott & Sheryl Walker