Digital Inclusion Workshops – CKUK

Neighbourhood Networks members have recently been involved in some digital inclusion workshops through CKUK.

Members enjoyed getting out and about taking photographs in their communities with tablets using the skills they learned in the class.


Click on the link below to see some more of the results of their hard work.

David Dougan from CKUK explained to Neighbourhood Networks that:

“The mobiles and tablets that we all use are capable of  producing high quality images and video, ready to be shared instantly with friends and family, and people with similar interests.

At CKUK,  we show you not only how to take a beautiful picture on your mobile or tablet, but how to enhance it, use it to create a stunning poster, or how to combine it with video and music ready to share. And all using apps which can be downloaded free.

While we encourage everyone to share the things they make, we emphasise that you should share only with people you know, and show you how to use sites like Facebook and Twitter safely. We also have our own social network, CKFriends, exclusively for people with learning difficulties and their supporters”.

Check out the CKUK Facebook page, to see some examples –