Digital Networking

Neighbourhood Network’s were successful in gaining funding from SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations) to train members and staff to be Digital Champions with the aim of developing essential digital skills through our networks.

In Scotland 1 in 5 adults in Scotland lack essential digital skills and are digitally excluded.  The training equips everyone to be able to share these skills with others.  We felt that this was a perfect match for members in the networks as the networks are all about sharing skills and increasing people’s confidence. Who better to learn from than one of your peer’s.

Irene McIntosh from the Mhor Collective came along to deliver the training. The training was hands on and interactive with a focus on fun and interesting ways people could use a digital device with the aim of linking this to something they may be interested in.

Members were really engaged with this and there was lots of creativity happening, including pictures, stop start animation and using different apps.  There was also a focus on keeping safe online and discussion around positive and negative experiences of social media.

The next step will be members sharing what they have learned with other members in their networks and beyond. Digital also creates opportunities for social interaction and is a good way for people to come together.

Through the staff training we have identified that we have a confident staff team when it comes to digital.

This was also a good opportunity to talk about insecurities and concerns. This was mainly around keeping safe.  Encouragingly staff were keen to learn more and are starting to think about ways they can support and encourage members to engage more with digital. Some suggestions were taking a tablet along to a network meeting to access the Neighbourhood Networks Facebook page or use the device to look at activities in the local area.

As an organisation we want to continue to invest in digital and the advantages it has for everyone across the organisation. We have learned that you don’t need to be an expert and it’s about working things out together.

Together anything is possible.