“Lets Talk” – Helping to End Mental Health Discrimination

Many of us know that talking about mental health can feel somewhat uncomfortable or difficult to do.   

Here at Neighbourhood Networks, we feel that its important to do our bit to help break the stigma and get people talking.  ‘Time to Talk’ is an awareness day set aside in the annual calendar to talk about mental health.  Talking about mental health may be as simple as sending a friend a text message, opening up to a colleague or something greater such as organising a stigma breaking event which we at Neighbourhood Networks will be giving a go! We are hosting an event for our members and colleagues on the 8th of February where we will have that ‘Time to Talk’.  We have called on the expertise of our friends at the SAMH’s ‘Lets Talk’ project to help get the conversations flowing at our next, twice yearly ‘Quality Street’ event, which is an opportunity for people to come together to learn, socialise and chatso what better way to use this time to get ourselves talking about mental health. 

Mental health can affect individuals of all ages, including young people. ‘Britain Let’s Get Talking’ was a campaign launched by STV that aims to improve the well-being of young people by encouraging families to spend time together. Staying in touch with loved ones can make us happier and feel less alone; and often just having a chat can help lift our spirits 

So, what goes into a good conversation about mental health? “Time to Change”, a growing social movement working to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems believe this to be: 

  1. Honesty about your situation 
  1. A safe space to talk 
  1. Encouragement-This is key to reinforcing that you really do care 

Therefore, the more we ‘get talking’ and challenge stigma, the better we can make the lives of those affected by mental health talk about their issues. Over time, people are likely to feel more comfortable and less awkward talking about mental health and moreover, it will be a catalyst for bringing people together, and possibly bring about the opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones.   


Further information for support with mental health 

  • SAMH-samh.org.uk. 0141 530 1000 
  • Breathing Space-breathingspace.scot-0800 838587