LIVING IN A COVID WORLD – a reflection by Nina Greenoak of our Creative Writing Group

Nina shared a beautiful poem she has written with her friends in the Creative Writing Class. The poem sums up life over the past 2 years.

I think you will agree Nina has a true talent and she often shares her tips with others in the group.


by Nina Greenoak

Remember a time when we were free,
Free to explore, free just to be?
Life was for celebrating, holidays and living.
For playdates and families; for shopping and giving.
But in a blink of an eye this came to an end.
The end of the time you could freely meet friends.

An invisible pandemic swept through the lands,
Touching the lives of millions with cold, deathly hands.
Such despair and destruction had been left in its wake,
We were told to follow rules for everyone’s sake.
The rules caused sudden, unwanted change.
An unprecedented situation, so difficult and strange.

The world we had once known was free no more.
What was now a luxury – took for granted before.
Parties were cancelled and lockdowns were born,
Bringing isolation, leaving families torn.
It became a privilege to leave the house for a walk,
We braved the weather just to be able to talk.
With the sociable locked in came the introduction of Zoom,
Meet with anyone, anywhere, from the comfort of your room!
Parents learned to homeschool; a forced string to their bow;
Whilst working from home to bring in the dough.
Local communities mobilised to help and support.
Our NHS became a regular pause for thought.

2020 was a year of irrevocable change,
Yet 2 years on, it no longer feels strange.
As the months passed by we have learned to adjust,
One day at a time has become a must.
Masks and social distancing have become the norm,
Along with daily testing and filling attendance forms.
We have embraced new technologies and gone online,
Working from home without commute; making the most of our time.
The self-confessed uncreative have discovered the arts,
With music, dance and painting now playing key parts.

But through the restrictions we have learned what matters most,
To share love & kindness through actions and posts.
Making time for yourself and time to share,
Making time for others and show you care.
We should live each day as though it’s the last,
Because tomorrow isn’t promised; life changes so fast.
We must hold on tight and keep close to what’s dear,
Be grateful to be living; be grateful to be here.