Living it large in Luss – North Lanarkshire 2

North Lanarkshire 2 Team building Loch Lomond and Glengoyne Distillery tour/Meal

The North Lanarkshire 2 team organised a half day bus tour to Loch Lomond and Glengoyne distillery for their team building day. The tour stopped off at Luss for an hour and then onto the Glengoyne Distillery. The day was finished off with a lovely meal at Amarone in Glasgow city centre.

Pauline Phee NL2 Network Manager/ CLW Cumbernauld 2- Our team building day allowed us to come together for some quality time together away from the stresses and strains of work. It allowed us to get to know each other on a personal level and relax in each others company. The day will have a lasting impact on our team as it has strengthened our relationship and trust with each other.

William Burns CLW Kilsyth – I enjoyed our team building day, I believe we strengthened our professional connection; we developed a better understanding of our unique abilities and what we bring to our team. I believe we work well, effectively, and with good communication.

I think the chance to spend time out with work, was an opportunity to build our trust in the team, humour is very important, to understand each others funny side and celebrate what makes us, us, to share with our team, in professional, non professional manner. We are what we bring to our role, the more we understand about each others strengthens our bond, and where we can lean on each other while learning in real time event. We must have trust and a belief in our team to step out of our comfort zone to stretch each other and grow as a team.

Theresa Strain NL2 Network Manager/ CLW Coatbridge- From the bus journey with the dire banter from the driver, only saved by Williams’s quick wit, to our adventures in the wee shop in Luss, with our tea and cakes in the sunshine. Our tour of the distillers with a couple of drams Pauline and Josie faces when they tried it straight lol, finished off with a lovely dinner. It was good to spend time with our team away from work, laughing and sharing stories. Getting to know people beyond a work colleague, more as friends.

Josie Myles CLW Cumbernauld / Airdrie – The day let us talk in a casual environment and get to know each other better not just as work colleagues.  (The wee dram was an added bonus)

I learnt that just like making a good Whisky from the first flow of water from the distillery burn. Patience and passion throughout the process produces the perfect bottle of whiskey on the shelf no matter what year it is.

The importance of a team who communicates trusts and supports each other will produce that perfect end product no matter what they work at.

Hope we will always continue to share, talk and support each other the way we do.