Neighbourhood Networks Annual Report 19 / 20

Neighbourhood Networks have published their 2019/20 Annual Report. This year we have used our Annual Report to highlight our actions and outcomes against the National Performance Framework. The framework measures Scotland’s progress against the national outcomes the Scottish Government has set for the whole country.

The framework is for all of Scotland and aims to:
• create a more successful country
• give opportunities to all people living in Scotland
• increase the wellbeing of people living in Scotland
• create sustainable and inclusive growth
• reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, environmental and social progress

Its values are based on an approach to:
• treat all people with kindness, dignity and compassion
• respect the rule of law
• act in an open and transparent way.

To do this, it uses ‘national indicators’. These indicators give a measure of national wellbeing. They include a range of economic, social and environmental indicators. This framework has enabled us to clearly relate the work we do back to Scottish Government outcomes and show how we can support these at a local community level.

Neighbourhood Networks 19 / 20 Annual Report.