Networks: As Agents of Change – Virtual Conference – 29th to the 31st of March

Deep human connection is…the purpose and the result of a  meaningful life – and it will

inspire the most amazing acts of love,  generosity, and humanity.” – Melinda Gates


It’s in the title of our organisation and it’s in the very core of what we do to create change in individuals, our communities and society, networking is a key to growth and unlocking potential. In it’s 20th Year Neighbourhood Networks is about to launch its first Virtual Conference which will be a chance to celebrate the impact of relationship building and to identify what are the keys to ensure that networking is successful. To truly bring about positive and long lasting change.

The conference will take place from the 29th to the 31st of March and there is a diverse programme to engage participants. We will share stories and experiences of members of our networks and how their lives have improved by joining peer support networks. We will also be sharing experiences of how organisational networking has improved processes and practices.

There will be input from individuals and external organisations that Neighbourhood Networks have partnered with to have a bigger community or societal impact. We are excited, too, to have a session that will focus on some international networking and relationship building and include partners from England, Finland, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

We have a packed 3 day but the beauty of a virtual conference is that people can book on for the parts that they are most interested in and dip in and out of sessions. At a time when Covid is still lurking around the globe it is of course one way to guarantee that the event can take place and it makes it much easier to involve our friends and partners who live further afield or across the seas, even if they have to stay up late to hook on (a shout out to our Community Connections friends in New Zealand).

Most of all its chance to hook back in again with the many varied and precious connections that Neighbourhood Networks has made over 20 years and I for one can’t wait to catch up with people again.

For more details of the programme and to register for events please visit our events page


Heather Calvo                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chief Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Networks