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Neighbourhood Networks
Group of network members outside wearing purple Neighbourhood Networks t-shirts.

Learning To Save A Life

North Lanarkshire Networks

Recently we were sent a link for free CPR training, it was only a 15-minute session giving the basics on this via a short video. Before we did the session, we informed all the members of the training and as advised we asked them all to bring a cushion with them that night to practice on. Chloe set up the screen and linked her laptop with the link ready to show. We had a wee chat beforehand about how important this might be one day, and if anyone didn’t want to take part we also understood.

At the start of the training there was a quiz and some general first aid if they are ever in this situation. We then took turns following the instructions on how to do chest compressions, for this we used the cushions we had brought. To allow us to do this at the right speed and Rhythm we used the song Staying Alive playing in the background which was a great help for us.

All the members managed to complete the short course. The members decided that they would like to renew the course every 3 months to keep it fresh in their minds, just in case.

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