NHS Forth Valley Covid-19 Response Grants 2021/22

Over the last year Neighbourhood Networks were lucky to be awarded a Covid-19 Response Grants from NHS Forth Valley. The grant enabled us to buy photography equipment, including three cameras, three camera bags and SD memory cards, which enabled each network to have their own camera to actively participate and enjoy photography workshops.

The cameras were used during monthly mindfulness walks, capturing local wildlife and local community clean ups, amongst other activities.

The cameras have helped unleash the member’s creative side and created a positive and fun learning experience for everyone; people are thoroughly enjoying creating their own art amongst nature and their natural outdoor environment, which in itself, is
encouraging people to go outdoors more often.

For some members this has had a massive impact on their emotional wellbeing as they had not been out of the house in several years. Now they have discovered a new and ongoing love of photography in nature which is something they didn’t realise they could do.

You can find out more about this project here.

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