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Daniel Fotheringham

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Since I joined I’ve become really independent.

My name is Daniel Fotheringham. I am in the transition network West Dunbartonshire. I have been in the network for three years.

When I first joined the network I was quite quiet. I liked coming along to network activities and meetings but I often sat in the corner with my headphones in just listening, not joining in. Since I joined I’ve become really independent. At first I did not travel independently but I do now. I was keen to do things for myself and I wanted to learn. I put in effort and learned new things. I joined a drama group with Neighbourhood Networks and this helped my confidence. I found out that I was good at drama especially comedy and I am looking forward to that starting up again. We did role play to help us work out and plan for real life situations such as how to keep yourself safe.

I brought skills to the network but at first I wasn’t sure how to share them. I was good at making clay models and I got support to share this with other members. I did workshops for members and put together a book ‘How to make a clay model’. I am going to share this skill with a local girl guide troop. This has made me feel proud and more confident about speaking in front of other people.