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Frank Cotter

Employment & Volunteering

I would recommend volunteering to everyone.

I am a member of the Govan network.  I have volunteered for the British Heart Foundation for 10 years.  I enjoy volunteering as I know this is for a good cause and saves people’s lives. One woman donated £100 to me as a defibrillator saved her husband’s life.  I have got to know lots of people in my community through volunteering. It keeps me active and fit and healthy. I have received awards for the amount of money I have raised from the chief executive of the British heart foundation– Brian Taylor. I just went into the shop one day and asked about volunteering and got started right away.  I also volunteered at the commonwealth games giving out leaflets and directing people to different events. This made me feel very proud and I received a medal for this. I would recommend volunteering to everyone.