Nina Greenoak – Member Story, Digital Activities.

Digital Activities

How did you find out about Neighbourhood Networks and why did you want to join?

Another local community organisation, Clifftop Projects, advertised a dance workshop they were offering in partnership with Neighbourhood Networks.

How long have you been attending digital activities?

I have been participating in online activities for the past couple of months.

Which of the digital activities have you been involved in and have you enjoyed them?

I have really enjoyed the weekly bingo – it is a great group of people and always fun to win – appeals to my competitive side! I have also enjoyed participating in the creative writing group – it is a very welcoming and inclusive group and has encouraged me to turn my hand to different writing styles. I have also enjoyed listening to other members writing – it is very inspiring and positive. The dance workshops have also been engaging and relaxing.

Have the digital activities helped you in anyway?

I feel that the digital activities have given me a chance to get involved in new things, meet new people and have given me some independence as I am unable to leave the house on my own.  The activities provide me with some structure to my day and provide a welcome distraction to the toils of daily living.  The activities are fun and have helped me to develop my creativity.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience of Neighbourhood Networks so far?

I am so grateful to have found Neighbourhood Networks and be allowed to participate as an honorary member.  As someone with debilitating long-term health conditions it is really difficult to find activities which I can manage and not feel isolated from society. Neighbour Networks brings people in a similar situation together, everyone is friendly and welcoming. The varied programme of free activities means there is something for everyone and the online activities helps removes accessibility barriers.