Parents & carers

At Neighbourhood Networks, we know that parents and carers need support to help loved ones find the right path to independence. We can be your trusted partner to find the right solutions for your child.

Peter has been a member of one of our networks for a number of years now.  This is what his mum has to say about how he is developing:

“Since joining the network, Peter has become more confident, outgoing and willing to try new things. He works part time in Tesco working independently and on his own initiative without supervision now. He has a wide circle of friends, with whom he socialises on a very regular basis and helps to organise nights out with.  Peter has moved into his own flat which he keeps clean and tidy and has basic cooking skills which I encourage him to use rather than having ready meals. Peter pays his bills as required, does his weekly shop, does his own washing and ironing and keeps himself clean and smart. Peter travels independently either walking, by bus, train or taxi, it’s rare now that I take him or collect him. We are extremely proud of Peter and his achievements, but know that the Neighbourhood Networks have been instrumental in that success. He’s a well mannered, thoughtful young man, the best bit is Peter comes to us every Sunday for lunch and always brings me a bunch of flowers.”