Team Building – West Dumbarton Style!!

The West Dumbarton team came together with Lisa from Falkirk for our Team Development day on 26th February.




We spent the day in Glasgow and the sun was even shining for us.

We started the day off with an Escape Room where we had to find the cure for the virus and get out on time, safe to say we managed to do it with time to spare…….It was not easy though!

With the stress of the Escape room we worked up an appetite and went to Barca in Princess square for something to eat, this was really good fun as for most people it was their first time trying Tapas so we all got to try some new foods.

After lunch we went along to a Pottery class where we got to unleash our inner artists, this was by far the best out of the activities as we got to sit around the table and have a laugh as well as unwind.

As you can see from the pictures we all had a really great day, sometimes it is good to take a step back from work and take some time to catch up with each other and have fun.