Adrian Mckill

Adrian McKill

Depute Director

My past work experience includes manufacturing, building work and environmental management.

I have worked with Neighbourhood Networks since 2005 during which time I have managed networks in North Lanarkshire and more recently in the role of Depute Director.  In my spare time I have a few hobbies and interests which are ever changing.  I am currently a keen but very amateur gardener. I also like to get out walking and particularly like circular walks that involve water! I am a member of a local environmental group and take part in regular litter picks as well as getting involved in awareness raising and campaigning alongside my fellow group members. I enjoy D.I.Y. but in short spells!!  I have a son who is serving in the Royal Air Force, he is currently based in South Wales. When we get the chance to be together, we enjoy spending our time walking, cycling, and taking part in other outdoor activities, I am however finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with him, I put it down to him getting fitter, not me getting less fit!!