Eilidh (4)

Eilidh Manson

Community Living Worker - Wishaw

Hi, I am Eilidh and I am a Community Living Worker for Wishaw. I previously worked with Modern Apprenticeships, Welfare to Work and in business roles. I love what Neighbourhood Networks stands for and the way they deliver support to those who need it.

I strongly believe in the Mission, Vison and Values of the organisation where I can share knowledge and experience with others so they can achieve their goals and have positive outlooks on life.

I live in Airdrie with my dog and my partner, where I am doing a lot of DIY work to our home and rebuilding my art portfolio, sorely neglected since leaving art school many years ago. I`ve had many varied hobbies over the years including stand up comedy, hillwalking and sculpture and can`t wait to help others find hobbies and interests that inspire them.