Three Board Members

We now have three more members who have completed the governance course and passed interviews with existing board members. We had three places to fill on the board of Neighbourhood Networks this year which means there is no need for an election of the membership.

Good luck to Paul, William and Scott.


I have had a part-time job as a handyman for 10 years in which I am very settled. I get on very well with other members of staff. I enjoy the different tasks I do at work and my skills are suited to them: showing initiative, being able to work on my own, being able to work with other members of staff and sometimes members of the public. I think I am a likeable and a social person who likes to work hard.

I have been involved with Community Occupational Therapy for 15 years. There are a whole range of activities on every day and you meet other people.  I enjoy TV, music, learning new things and improving my skills. I’m interested in reading about archaeology and watching documentaries about history. I live in Coatbridge. I have lots of life experience and lived experience of mental illness. I’m empathetic and I understand where people are co

I want to be on the board to provide a stepping stone for people if they want to put forward an issue to be discussed, and to make sure the board functions as best it can. I want to give 100% and learn from the experience. I’m pleased with what I have achieved out of the good things I have: my job, my family. I think I can relate that to other people. I think I should be on the board because the skills, qualities and experience I have will benefit the other members of Neighbourhood Networks. I believe in what the organisation is about. I think it is important people are able to go out and do the things they enjoy. You can all ways get over barriers.


I’m well-mannered and can keep things confidential. I am a friendly and outgoing person. I like swimming for which I have received a lot of awards. Also cooking, watching TV, going out with friends and chatting on Facebook.

I live in Coatbridge. I used to live with my aunt and uncle but now I have my own flat. I do voluntary work in St Andrew’s Hospice shop in Motherwell.

I am well suited to being on the board as I like to help people and do things in their interest.  I’m good at writing and e-mails. I’m good with numbers and have an excellent memory. I can speak up and plan well.


I’m a trustworthy person and read a lot. I was good at English and French at school and I liked history as well. I am a key holder for the church hall where every Thursday we meet up as a network. We also play pool and go bowling. Every Friday we visit Shotts and have a meal. I’m out quite a lot with the Network.

I will bring the skills I have to the board: I’m a good time-keeper like helping people and believe in peer support. I think it’s important that all are able to do what they want to do. I have greatly developed my skills and confidence over the years and I would like to help other people to get that opportunity. I like meeting new people. I like to listen to other people’s opinions. I’m conscientious and I look out for others. I’m approachable, responsible and reliable. I like things to be fair and equal. I’m good at looking after money. I recently spoke at Stirling University in front of about 30 or 40 people about Neighbourhood Networks and it went down well.